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You rely on your thermostat to operate your HVAC systems. When it works properly, your thermostat should help reduce energy usage, lower utility bills, and improve the performance of your gas furnace, electric furnace, heat pump, and/or air conditioner.

At Canady’s Heating • Air • Plumbing, our licensed and insured HVAC technicians can install, repair, or replace the thermostat you depend on to maintain the ideal climate within your home. We offer top-quality products from leading manufacturers and will help you select the system best suited for your lifestyle and desired comfort.

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Signs You Need Thermostat Repair

It’s important to pay close attention to the operation of your HVAC systems. If you detect any of the following issues, it’s possible your thermostat requires repairs:

  • No power to the thermostat
  • HVAC system short-cycling
  • Incorrect temperature readings
  • Significant temperature swings
  • Rising utility bills
  • Continuous air conditioner or furnace operation
  • Inconsistent indoor temperatures

Book thermostat repair with Canady’s by calling (912) 597-2458 today.

Types of Thermostats We Install

There are a few types of thermostats that can govern the operation of your heating and cooling systems:

  • Manual thermostats: These traditional thermostats require manual adjustments via knobs or control buttons. This is a low-cost and reliable option.
  • Programmable thermostats: Energy-efficient programmable thermostats allow you to program different temperature settings throughout the day. They’re especially convenient for optimizing efficiency when you’re away.
  • Wi-Fi thermostats: Wi-Fi or smart thermostats offer superior control and comfort. They operate like programmable thermostats, with the bonus of being controlled from any Wi-Fi-connected device.

Call Canady’s at (912) 597-2458 to schedule thermostat installation or replacement in Savannah, GA, Beaufort, SC, and surrounding areas.

Is It Worth Getting a Smart Thermostat?

Canady’s installs Trane and Nest thermostats because these superior products deliver the best temperature control and advanced features. There are plenty of benefits to choosing a smart thermostat for your home:

  • Savings: Smart thermostats give you superior control over your energy usage. Month after month, this translates to significant savings on your utility bills.
  • Convenience: Smart thermostats allow you to adjust your temperature from wherever, whenever. This allows you to change the settings if the forecast vastly changes while on vacation, at the office, or anywhere else.
  • Protection: Smart thermostats provide real-time diagnostics, so you can act quickly if there’s a problem with your HVAC systems.

Request smart thermostat installation by calling Canady’s at (912) 597-2458 today.

Why Choose Canady’s?

Since 1986, the team at Canady’s Heating • Air • Plumbing has proudly served homeowners throughout the Coastal Empire and Lowcountry. We offer a broad range of HVAC services customized to meet your needs. Count on our HVAC technicians for:

  • Service for all brands
  • Free estimates on replacements
  • Discounts for military personnel, veterans, and seniors
  • Emergency HVAC service availability
  • Upfront pricing
  • Financing options
  • And more!

When you want quality you can depend on, you can always depend on our licensed and insured technicians to deliver the solutions you need to enjoy the comfort you deserve!

Call Canady’s at (912) 597-2458 to request a thermostat service appointment today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do programmable thermostats help you save money?

ENERGY STAR® estimates that homeowners with smart thermostats can save $180 or more per year. This makes them a cost-effective investment that generates real returns. 

What's the ideal thermostat setting?

It depends on your desire. However, most people find that 78 degrees Fahrenheit in spring and summer and 68 degrees Fahrenheit in fall and winter is sufficient to keep you comfortable without driving up your utility bills.

What happens if you turn your thermostat off while you're away?

Your HVAC systems won’t operate. More importantly, the temperature within your home will begin to match the temperature outside. During the winter, this can lead to frozen and burst pipes. During the summer, it can cause damage to furnishings.

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