Ways To Lower Home Humidity

Jun 1, 2023

Summer days can be stifling when you are dealing with high humidity in your home. Not only can it cause discomfort, but humidity can also lead to the growth of mold and excess condensation that can cause damage to your home. It can also be the root cause of respiratory issues, like asthma and allergies. The ideal humidity level in a home is around 30-50%, so if yours is higher than this and you’re looking to bring it down, try implementing a few of the following solutions.

Get a Dehumidifier 

Dehumidifiers are a relatively easy and inexpensive way to lower humidity in your home. They can also help to decrease the amount of dust and indoor pests like silverfish and cockroaches. Make sure to monitor your dehumidifier and ensure humidity levels are above 30%. Homes with less than 30% humidity make people more susceptible to dry skin and hair, colds, and respiratory problems. Low humidity can also negatively affect electronics and wooden floors or furniture. 

Turn Down Your A/C

Lowering the temperature in your home can effectively reduce the humidity level by removing warm air and replacing it with cool air. It is important to regularly check and replace the filter, which helps to eliminate anything restricting proper airflow and ensure your air conditioning system is running at its best. In addition to filters, make sure to schedule regular maintenance to prolong the health of your system.  

Repair Any Leaks

Leaks and seepage from outside could be the direct cause of high humidity levels in your home. These issues will need to be addressed before causing further water damage and issues with mold and mildew. To find the source of any water leaks, look for issues with gutter drainage, or lack thereof, leaky pipes, stained or wet drywall, or any irregularities with your monthly water bill. 

Use Exhaust & Ventilation Fans As Needed

Bathrooms and kitchens are often the source of high humidity. When cooking or showering, make sure to turn on exhaust and ventilation fans and keep them on a little while after you are done. This will help to reduce lingering humidity by pushing the humid air outside rather than keeping it trapped in your home.

Be ready to take on the hot and humid summer days! Give Canady’s team of experts a call if you’re experiencing high humidity levels, or are looking to schedule your regular maintenance appointment. 

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