Taking Care of Your HVAC System Before & After Hurricanes

Jul 1, 2022

Living in the Southeast, you probably already know the importance of staying prepared for major storms during hurricane season. However, while you may already have a stash of emergency supplies on hand and an evacuation route in mind, you may not know how to adequately prepare your HVAC system in the face of a hurricane. We’ve gathered a few tips you can follow to help protect your HVAC system before, during, and after severe storms hit.

Schedule Routine Maintenance 

First things first, a well-tuned HVAC system is better suited to face extreme weather than one that’s been ignored for years. Regular maintenance and tune-ups ensure your system can weather not only storms but also everyday wear and tear. To lessen the chance of needing extensive and expensive repairs, we recommend scheduling routine inspections at least once a year.

Turn Off Electricity to Your Air Conditioning System 

Lightning strikes can cause electrical surges, which can damage your HVAC unit. Also, there is a possibility that debris from the storm can get stuck in your outdoor unit and burn out the motor. To avoid these things from happening, use your thermostat and circuit breaker to power down your unit before the storm hits.

Trim Trees and Nearby Vegetation

Before storm season even begins, it is wise to take the time to trim any tree limbs or damaged branches that could fall on and damage your HVAC unit. We also recommend trimming any nearby shrubbery that could cause debris to get into the equipment’s interior components.

Check for Damage Before Turning the Air Back On 

Once the storm has passed, be sure to check for any apparent damage before turning your air conditioning back on. If your unit is damaged from flooding or debris, turning it back on may only worsen the problem.

Contact an HVAC Professional for Inspection or Repairs 

The safest mode of action is to contact an HVAC professional to inspect your unit if you suspect any damages. The professionals at Canady’s can offer you peace of mind that your unit is operating properly and safely, or they can provide their expert opinion on what repairs or replacements you may need.

Whether you need preventative maintenance or help after a storm, don’t hesitate to contact Canady’s! Call us at (912) 597-2458 to schedule an appointment.


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