How to Improve Water Pressure in Your Home

Apr 14, 2023

If you’re dealing with low water pressure throughout your home, it’s time to invest in low-maintenance ways to get it back. From a weak stream of faucet water to an unsatisfying flow of water in the shower, low water pressure impacts more than just a few inconveniences at home.

The problem with low water pressure is that it’s also a potential sign that bacteria is overwhelming your home’s water system, or that there are clogged lines — which are common in homes with galvanized pipes that are highly vulnerable to mineral deposits building up over time.

That’s why it’s important to invest in the services of a professional plumber at the first signs of low water pressure. However, if you are interested in attempting to increase the water pressure before calling a trusted plumber, learn some helpful ways to try to restore a healthy flow of water in your home below.

1. Talk to Your Neighbors

Citywide plumbing systems are subject to clogs, leaks, and buildup that may contribute to residential issues with water pressure. If your neighbors share similar issues, it’s likely that your low water pressure is associated with the city’s municipal water supply. This requires an appeal to the city to improve its water supply system.

2. Check Your Home’s Well Pump

While some homes receive their water supply from the city, others come from wells that are drilled into deep layers of the ground. If the well pump that provides water to your home is not operating properly, this could be the cause of low water pressure. Contact a trusted plumbing professional to help understand what your options are.

3. Check Your Main Water Valve

Locate and inspect your main water valve to ensure it is fully open. Sometimes, the valve may be partially closed, which can result in reduced water pressure throughout your home.

4. Install a Water Pressure Booster

A new water pressure booster will help increase a healthy stream of water in your home. It’s a mechanical device that effectively and automatically improves water pressure by sensing when it drops. These pumps can be installed near your home’s main water line.

At Canady’s, we keep residential plumbing systems running smoothly with our expert installation, repair, and maintenance services. Our team of licensed plumbing professionals understand how frustrating water-related issues can be for homeowners.

That’s why we specialize in emergency plumbing repairs — and “best in the world” customer service — for all of your plumbing needs. Contact us today to get a quote or schedule your next appointment!

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