How A/C Maintenance Saves You Money

May 30, 2018

The hot and muggy weather in Savannah cannot be ignored and that is why ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) maintenance is essential. It is easy to assume that the functionality of your HVAC unit is in good working condition, until your unit unexpectedly breaks down.

Performing routine maintenance increases the efficiency of your HVAC system, which saves energy and reduces your utility bills. If your AC is well maintained, you can save as much as 30% on utility costs. Below are some of the ways having your A/C unit maintained can cut costs on air conditioning repairs in Savannah.

Reduced Repairs

You can save on future AC repairs by performing routine maintenance. By performing regular checkups on your AC system, you are more likely to detect small problems before they get worse and cause permanent damage to your unit.

Routine maintenance has never been simpler with Canady’s Comfort Club Membership. Starting at just $12 a month, the Comfort Club Membership guarantees an annual maintenance visit by one of our NATE certified technicians. The benefits of this maintenance include:

  • Extended lifetime of your A/C unit
  • Convenient 24-hour appointment scheduling via email, Facebook, or text messaging
  • Scheduling and budgeting for replacement of normal wear items, such as filters
  • Preventing “surprise” expenses caused by lack of maintenance
  • Improved airflow throughout your home, making the air cooler and dryer
  • Improving the overall air quality in your home

Reduced Energy & Utility Costs

The average electricity consumption rate in Savannah is 3.85% higher than the average Georgian household. This means a lot of money goes into electricity bills, considering the high usage of air conditioners in residential homes. Proper HVAC maintenance before summer, as well as winter, can cut electricity consumption and lower your energy bills up to 38%.

As your system runs, it accumulates both dirt and dust in critical system areas, which negatively affects efficiency. When your system accumulates this build up, it cannot work to its fullest potential, which increases your utility costs. With regular maintenance, this build up is prevented, which lowers your utility costs and improves your indoor air quality.

Increased Lifespan of the A/C Unit

Routine maintenance can help to prevent issues with your HVAC system. In the long run, regular servicing has been proven to extend a unit’s lifespan up to five years longer. Remember a broken or damaged AC will not only malfunction and not work at top efficiency, but will also lead to unplanned extra costs on repairs, electricity, and replacements.

Lowers the Chances of a Breakdown

An air conditioner is often one of the largest mechanical systems in a home. It is also quite expensive to purchase, and it is every homeowner’s wish that their HVAC unit operates at peak efficiency for at least ten years or more. A neglected air conditioner is inclined to contain worn out and dirty components, diminishing it’s effectiveness. By keeping your system maintained, you can save money while keeping your home nice and cool during those hot Savannah summers.

Keeping your A/C unit at peak efficiency makes your home cool and comfortable, and also shaves a few dollars off your utility bill. The greatest value, however, is the peace of mind you get knowing that your home will stay cool and well-ventilated during those hot Savannah Summers.

Canady’s Comfort Club

There is no better way to achieve that peace of mind than to enroll in a Comfort Club Membership with our certified professionals at Canady’s Heating • Air • Plumbing Conditioning & Heating. Call us today at (912) 597-2458 or visit our Comfort Club Membership page to find out more.

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