Holiday Plumbing & HVAC Tips to Keep Your Home Merry & Bright

Nov 15, 2023

Smiling family preparing thanksgiving meal in kitchen

Holidays are meant to be merry and bright, but if your home’s heating and plumbing systems are on the naughty list your holiday might be stressful and chilly!


Check out these home holiday heating tips to make being home for the holidays more cheerful:

  1. Change your air filters: A simple but easy way to help your heating system work more efficiently is by replacing dirty air filters with clean ones.
  2. Use your ceiling fan to help cut heating costs: Adjust the ceiling fans in your home to run clockwise at a low speed to push warm air back down into the room.
  3. Check your carbon monoxide detectors: Carbon monoxide is a byproduct of gas furnaces, and carbon monoxide detectors can help you act quickly if there’s a leak. Often you can find dual smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  4. Install an air purifier: Cold weather outside means we are likely spending more time inside. Indoor air quality is important to keeping your family healthy. Schedule an Air Scrubber Plus installation. This is the only air cleaning technology certified by NASA.
  5. Enroll in an HVAC maintenance program: Your to-do list is long during the holidays. Don’t add to it by worrying whether your heating system will work when you need it most. Schedule an HVAC tune-up so the only surprises you get this holiday are gift wrapped.

Plumbing Tips

Check out these home plumbing tips to make sure your holiday plans don’t go down the drain:

  1. Stick to the garbage disposal approved checklist: Santa has his list and so do you when it comes to what you can and shouldn’t put down the garbage disposal. Avoid fibrous and stringy foods, pasta and other foods that expand when exposed to water, cooking oils, grease, and fat.
  2. Fix leaks and clogs before company arrives: Small plumbing problems can become major ones when your plumbing system gets overworked. Before guests arrive, schedule a plumbing service to check for clogged drains, repair that leaky faucet, and make sure that toilet flushes properly.
  3. Check your water heater: Hot showers are in high demand when winter weather hits. If your water heater is more than a decade old, there’s a chance you need to replace it. Consider a tankless water heater for optimal energy efficiency, a smaller unit, and a longer system life span.
  4. Provide a trashcan in all bathrooms: This seems obvious but one of the most common causes for toilet clogs is flushing things other than toilet paper. Provide a hand towel in the bathroom for guests to dry their hands rather than paper napkins to remove at least one clogging culprit.
  5. Consider plumbing fixture upgrades: Plumbing fixture replacement is a great way to modernize the look of your home and make your plumbing more efficient. Touchless faucets and water-saving appliances can help make your holiday entertaining less of a drain on your wallet!

Contact Canady’s for Top-Quality Home Services

The holidays are a festive time in the Coastal Empire and the Lowcountry. Canady’s Heating • Air • Plumbing can help keep the focus on fun and off your plumbing and HVAC systems. We provide preventative maintenance services and can handle all your emergency repairs too with the best customer service.

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