Heating & Cooling Efficiency Throughout Your Entire Home

Homes that have many rooms or a divided floor plan often have trouble circulating air properly. This is especially an issue when the thermostat is located in a room that gets substantially more or less sun than the others. The result is significant variations in temperature from one room to the next, which can leave homeowners uncomfortable, and dramatically increase your utility costs

That is where a zone control system can help. Zone control systems do just as their name suggests — they help to control the circulation of hot and cool air in all areas of your home. Zone control systems rely on a thermostat and electric damper within each predetermined “zone” of the home. Each thermostat and damper is wired to the same central control panel. When the temperature is adjusted, dampers in various zones will either open or close, allowing or restricting air flow, depending on the existing temperature of the room.

Do Zone Control Systems Save Money?

Not only does a zone control system keep you and your family more comfortable, regardless of the season and weather, it also uses less energy, which reduces costs. Additionally, homeowners can set temperature preferences for different rooms in their home, or allow family members to adjust individual thermostats without influencing the temperature in other zones.

Is a Zone Control System Right for Me?

If you find that the rooms in your home have varied temperatures, or if you’re simply looking for a more efficient heating and cooling system that gives you more control over the comfort of your home, a zone control system is the solution for you. Installation involves changes to your ductwork as well as your electrical system.

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