Winter is on the horizon, and while you are updating your wardrobe, getting flu shots, and preparing for holiday festivities, one thing that might unfortunately be overlooked is your HVAC system. While sitting cozy by fires is something we look forward to as temperatures start to drop, you don’t want to get stuck with this being your only source of heat for you and your family this season. To make sure your HVAC system is ready to handle this year’s chill, here are some steps to take.

Test the System

Just like cars, when your furnace sits idle for extended periods of time through the warmer months, it can cause your system to not work properly right off the bat. While temperatures are still mild outside, we recommend that you try turning on your furnace a couple of times to get it running and working out its kinks. Each time you turn it on, make sure to listen out for any rattling that seems off putting, and don’t forget to check your thermostats to make sure each room is heating up to your desired temperature. That way, if after a few times of turning it on, you notice your furnace is still not working properly, you still have time to call Canady’s to check it out before winter sets in.

Replace the Air Filter

One of the easiest ways to prepare your HVAC system for winter is to replace your air filter. Air filters keep dust and other particles out of your unit while filtering your home’s air, so when it becomes too dirty, your system will go into overdrive to work past the build-up. When your system starts to work harder because of an unchanged air filter, it will not only cost you more money in energy costs, but it can also do harm to your system. To make sure your HVAC system is running efficiently this winter, be sure to replace your old filter with a new, properly-fitting filter and keep backups on hand to change it again between 30 and 90 days.

Inspect Vents & the Furnace

Before you start to heat up your home this season, do a quick check-up on all your air vents. Your vents easily collect dust, and simply dusting your air vents with a wet cloth can make sure the air flows smoothly throughout the house. While you are making your rounds to your vents, also make sure that there are no obstructions near or on your vents. Keeping couches, blankets, toys, and the like off of the vents will allow your furnace to heat up the rooms more easily. This also goes for your furnace. No matter where your furnace is located, make sure that it is at least three feet clear from any debris or objects. Making sure your furnace can breathe without any objects too close to it will make it work at its fullest potential this winter.

Need Winter Preparation Assistance? Call Canady’s!

By following these steps to prepare your HVAC system for winter, you can ensure that you and your family will stay warm all winter long. While you can complete this checklist on your own, it may be best to hire an HVAC company to do the work for you. Our team of professionals at Canady’s consists of highly-trained HVAC experts, and after we service your HVAC system for winter, you can rest assured that everything is properly checked and serviced for the colder months. Contact us today to request an appointment!