Whether you enjoy seaside living on Wilmington Island or the the downtown lifestyle of historic Savannah, you know how important it is to maintain the right temperatures that will allow for optimal enjoyment in your home. Your thermostat is the key to creating a comfortable home for you and your family in the face of seasonal weather changes throughout the year.

Traditional Versus Modern Thermostats

Traditional thermostats require manual monitoring and adjusting as outside temperatures fluctuate. With your diligent participation, these simple controls can help you achieve your desired temperatures in your home. However, the decision to upgrade to any number of programmable or smart thermostats can deliver countless benefits that include saving money and energy and establishing improved connectivity to your home.

Advancements in modern technology put you in control while providing peace of mind that your thermostat is providing ultimate comfort. From programmable thermostats to smart Wi-Fi enabled units with connected mobile apps, a new thermostat installation could be part of a larger home automation initiative that improves your access to convenient home monitoring.

It’s advised to replace or upgrade your thermostat every 10 years, so if you are approaching this milestone or simply want to learn more about how to maximize your Savannah HVAC system to earn more savings, read on to better understand why you should upgrade your thermostat.

Modern Convenience

The sophisticated operations of a programmable thermostat provide both comfort and convenience. Programmable thermostats provide an advantageous alternative to traditional thermostats because you can set, adjust, and override pre-set schedules. This advanced scheduling ensures that optimized temperatures will be achieved in time for you and your family to awake or return home.

For an even better upgrade, Wi-Fi enabled units combine a pre-set schedule with constant access, allowing you to connect to your home unit through a convenient mobile app. Whether you forgot to adjust the temperature before running out to work, or unexpected changes in your schedule require immediate adjustments, these modern thermostats allow you to connect to your home from anywhere. Some smart thermostats even possess lifestyle prediction capabilities that ascertain your temperature preferences over time to consistently achieve your desired conditions. Additionally, some smart thermostats can even utilize GPS technology to automatically adjust temperatures to an away mode when no one is home.

All you need is a Wi-Fi connection to stay in control of some of today’s most efficient systems. Additionally, this smart home upgrade could also be incorporated into a larger home automation project that upgrades other operations, such as locking locks, closing blinds, and turning off televisions or lights.

Save Money & Energy

New thermostat installations not only increase your potential for improved comfort and convenience, but also keep more money in your pocket with energy-saving benefits. When homeowners in and around Savannah, GA upgrade to smart thermostats, energy is saved and thus utility costs are lowered. Smart thermostats, such as Nest, are able to predict your schedule, outside temperatures, indoor humidity, and more to coordinate optimal run schedules and blower speeds for your HVAC unit. By opting for a smart thermostat, you are enabling powerful technologies to help tend to your home and save you money.

Your New Thermostat

From the money- and energy-saving advantages to the optimal indoor temperatures that new thermostats provide, there are many reasons why you should upgrade your thermostat to achieve the comfort that your family deserves. Contact us or call us at (912) 756-6688 today to maximize your HVAC system by upgrading your thermostat.