Plumbing problems can happen anytime throughout the year, but when temperatures begin to creep towards freezing, a whole new set of plumbing issues can come into play. From water heater malfunctions to frozen pipes, winter weather plumbing issues can be some of the most inconvenient issues to deal with. To keep you ahead of the game, so you know what kind of problems to watch out for during the next couple of months, below are the top four winter plumbing problems that you may face this winter.

1. Water heaters can malfunction due to low temperatures

There aren’t many worse feelings than stepping into a shower during the winter and being hit with freezing cold water. Unfortunately, water heater malfunctions are one of the most common winter plumbing problems we face when temperatures start to drop. Throughout the winter, especially if you’ve recently had guests in your home for the holidays, your system is going to be working overtime which can lead to failure if your system is not kept up with. If you experience a malfunctioning water heater this winter, try to turn the temperature up a few degrees, make sure the pilot is on, or call a local plumbing company like Canady’s Heating • Air • Plumbing to get your water heater working again in no time.

2. Freezing water means freezing pipes

Luckily for us, residents of Savannah do not have to worry about frozen pipes too much, but even in the South, temperatures can occasionally drop below freezing and cause your pipes to freeze. Anytime during the winter, make sure that any pipes that are at risk of being frozen are protected by insulating pipes that are risk (i.e. pipes close to outer walls). One of the first signs of a frozen pipe is when you notice restricted water flow. If temperatures drop low enough this winter, and you notice any signs of a frozen pipe, turn your water off and call one of our professionals to get your system back on track.

3. More showers and food waste can cause drain clogs

During the winter, many of us host gatherings at our home and indulge in comfort foods to warm us up. With more food being prepared at home, this means more grease, fat, and even coffee grounds are being washed down your drains which can lead to clogs. With more people visiting your home during the holidays, you may also be experiencing clogged showers from overuse. To remedy these situations, make sure to remove hair from showers or use gentle drain cleaners to fight small clogs. If the clog does not let up, Canady’s is here to get your water flowing again.

4. Water line breaks or leaks occur more often in winter

While frozen pipes are a big concern when temperatures drop low enough, frozen or frigid water can also cause its own suite of problems for your plumbing system. When water reaches frigid temperatures or even freezes, this causes the water to expand. Pipes will then also expand which can lead to holes or even a break. While winter weather is still lurking among us over these next couple of months, be sure to call out a plumber to do preventative maintenance, so they can catch or leaks and make repairs before it causes larger issues.

While the winter time brings us family gatherings, cozy nights by the fire, and more, it also, unfortunately, brings us a higher risk for troublesome plumbing problems. While winters in Savannah are typically mild, we still have some freezing weather creeping in on us throughout the rest of the season, so be sure to keep an eye on your plumbing system. As always, our plumbing professionals at Canady’s are just a call away to help your plumbing system stay intact this winter. To schedule an appointment for any of these winter problems and more, click here or call us at (912) 756-6688.