Winter in the Savannah area can be unpredictable to say the least. Some years we only have a couple of weeks of cold weather — and then other years we have a couple of months. We can get a little snow and then like this year, we can get a lot of rain! Here are a few tips to save you money and keep you comfortable this winter.

When it’s cold outside you can really feel the drafts from small cracks around windows and doors. Now is a good time to replace door seals and seal air leaks. During the summer we can’t really feel the hot air coming in, but in the winter, it’s easy to spot. Repairing these now will save you money and keep your rooms more comfortable.

Have your heating system checked. It’s far less expensive to correct a minor problem before it becomes a major failure.

Heat Pump Tips

You may notice your heat pump going into a defrost cycle when the outdoor temperature gets below 35 degrees or so. The outdoor fan will stop, steam will rise from your outdoor unit (it will be a little louder than normal), and the air coming out of your grills will be a little cool. Defrost will last about 5 minutes and may occur every 90 minutes when it’s really cold outside.

Frost on your outdoor unit is normal, hard ice is not. If you notice hard ice on your unit that doesn’t defrost away, you may have a defrost cycle issue. If you think your system is defrosting too often, it could be a problem. Call Canady’s for service to evaluate the issue.

If you suspect a problem with your heat pump, you need to switch your unit to emergency heat and call Canady’s immediately. The emergency heat setting locks out your system heat pump and heats your home with back-up electric heat.

You don’t want to heat all winter long with electric heat. It will cost about 3-4 times as much as heating with your heat pump. This temporary solution will suffice until a Canady’s professional can diagnose and resolve the issue.

Gas Furnace Safety

If you are heating with gas heat, please invest in a carbon monoxide detector. Every year we hear stories about someone dying from carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is odorless, and sometimes it is accompanied by other gases that have an odor, but not always.

Just a few weeks ago, three men died in a home in Rock Hill, South Carolina, from apparent carbon monoxide poisoning. If you smell gas, or if your furnace makes a boom noise when it lights off or cycles off, turn it off and call Canady’s immediately for service.

Gas furnaces are extremely reliable and safe if they are installed correctly and properly maintained. Have your gas furnace checked every year by an HVAC professional.

Stay safe and warm this winter! If you need assistance with your heating and air conditioning needs, don’t hesitate to call Canady’s at (912) 756-6688.