Purchasing an Air conditioning and heating system isn’t like buying a car! What if when you purchased a car, it was delivered to your drive way in boxes? The engine, transmission, frame and body panels all had to be assembled.

What if you had to hire a mechanic to put your car together? He had to design and install the other components like the braking system, fuel system and steering system to complete building your car.

Who would you hire to build your car?

Would you hire the mechanic that gave you the cheapest price? Maybe you would hire someone who works at a plant during the week and puts cars together on Saturdays?

Or would you hire a mechanic that was certified by your cars manufacturer who had undergone years of training to build and design cars, someone who holds certifications on all aspects of designing braking, safety and steering systems for cars.

This is the decision you’re facing when you’re purchasing a new air conditioning and heating system.

The Company you choose to design and install your system is far more important than the brand of equipment that arrives in boxes. A brand does not correct air flow problems, humidity problems and high energy bills. A poor design and installation will make a lemon out of the best brand!

There are hundreds of decisions the Installation company and the installers have to make to create a system that dehumidifies, cools, and heats your home evenly, safely and efficiently. You want the people making these decisions to be qualified and have your best interest in mind.

At Canady’s, we install hundreds of systems every year. We have process and procedures in place to insure the highest quality installation every time. Our Installation Technicians are equipped the best tools available. They receive the most up to date training and we use (ACCA Standard 5) national installation standards. We always calculate a manual J heat gain to insure your system is sized properly.

Most Importantly, Our Coworkers care about our customers! Before we hire a potential employee, we make sure they are people with high integrity. We have a company culture of doing the right thing every time. Even when no one is looking! We make “Customer Best Interest” decisions.

Canady’s has been installing the best systems and providing exceptional customer service in the Coastal Empire for over 30 Years! You can depend on us to be here!

Check out our customer satisfaction ratings on Angie’s list, Google and anywhere else. You will find that our clients always end up with the air condition system they dreamed of having!