Using technology developed by NASA to keep the air clean. The Air Scrubber is a unique photocatalytic device that can be easily installed in your home’s air conditioning system. What are the benefits of an Air Scrubber?:

  1. The Air Scrubber Will Diminish Pollutants in Your Home
    • Contaminants can be easily brought home from school, work, day care and any other public places. Those contaminants can transfer from the air to surfaces like floors and countertops. An Air Scrubber is able to destroy up to 99% of those surface contaminants and then 90% of the contaminants that you can breathe.
  2. The Air Scrubber Will Remove Lingering Smells
    • Do you have pets? Do you have a family member that smokes? Have you ever burnt something you were cooking? All of those smells can be everyday odors that tend to stick around in your home. An Air Scrubber can not only help eliminate the unwanted scents but can even help reduce dust and pet dander.
  3. The Air Scrubber Will Help Reduce the Amount of Aggravating Particles
    • All of the dust, pollen and mold that can irritate allergies can be reduced with Air Scrubber’s help. Your allergy symptoms like sneezing, lack of sleeping, watery eyes, and so on, can all be few and far between with an Air Scrubber. An Air Scrubber helps purify your home’s air.

At Canady’s, we offer the Air Scrubber that uses NASA technology to provide the cleanest air for your home. How much better can it get? Call the experts at Canady’s today to ask any questions you may have about the Air Scrubber, or to set up your install appointment!