HVAC Tune-Ups and Maintenance in Savannah, GA & Beaufort, SC


Heating and Cooling Tune-Ups and Maintenance Services

Just like your car, your air conditioner and furnace have many moving parts that must be maintained to work efficiently. With routine maintenance on your system, you will save money on your utility bills, extend the life of your system and prevent costly inconvenient breakdowns.

Why do you need preventive maintenance on your HVAC system?
A lot of people don’t know how often you should get you’re A/C and Heating system serviced. Your A/C and Heating system is like a car as it continually “drives” to maintain a cool or warm temperature in your home for comfortable living. Here are three reasons why you should schedule an annual or bi-annual preventive maintenance:

  1. Fewer Repairs & Long Life for your System
    A maintenance each year can help prevent any issues with your HVAC system. In the long run, this can better prepare your system for season changes, as well as extending your system’s life.
  2. Lower Energy Bills
    Yes, your system may operate without any foreseen problems but don’t forget to look at your monthly energy bill. Did you notice a jump in price from one month in the year to the next? Just like a car, your system tends to run a majority of the time. After a car is tuned up, it tends to get better gas mileage so why not apply that to your HVAC system and energy bill?
  3. Safer Operation of your System
    Not only does a failing HVAC system cost you a lot of money, but it can also put your family in extreme danger. For instance, HVAC systems can have short circuits in their electrical wiring. This is easily cause major fires if not tended to immediately.

Canady’s Comfort Club Maintenance Plans can help you with this!

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Air Conditioners

Our central air conditioning systems let you relax peacefully knowing your home cooling needs are backed by a Trane air conditioner. Each of our central air conditioning units are backed with a Trane warranty, guaranteeing a cooler, more comfortable home year round.


Trane’s heatpumps pull from the ground or outside air temperature to both heat and cool your home to perfection. These are a reliable, efficient choice for Savannah.

Air Handlers

Varying in speed based on your home’s heating and cooling requirements, Trane’s air handlers are designed to condition and circulate the air in your home. We call it smart technology for better air.

Air Filtering

When your HVAC system is on, Aprilaire delivers cleaner, healthier air not just in one room but throughout your entire home. Aprilaire removes particles and irritants throughout your home that could cause asthma and allergies. Not only does Aprilaire help keep you healthy but it also will keep your air conditioner’s cooling coil clean and your furnace working more efficiently.

Nest Thermostat

The 3rd Generation Nest Thermostat is a brighter way to save energy. With a thinner, sleeker design and a bigger, crisper display, Nest programs itself and automatically helps save energy when you’re away.


Comfort on command. Trane’s easy-to-program thermostats are designed to help you make the most out of our heating and cooling systems, with digital thermostats and other reliable temperature controls to choose from.