This a question, I am sure, that is on everyone’s mind when they hear radio advertisements or see other advertisements about taking care of your A/C system. A lot of people think that a clean and tune-up for an HVAC system is not necessary and that it is just another unimportant item that they have to pay for.

Let me ask a question to oppose your thought process for a moment. Would you drive your car for a year or two without having an oil change, tire rotation or minor tune-up? Of course not. The car would break down and cost you a lot of money.

It is likely that your HVAC system was installed when your home was built and this could make it 5, 10, 15, etc. years old! Over time, your HVAC system will lose efficiency and this can cost you more money than you realize. Our clean and tune will restore lost efficiency and we can both find and correct minor problems that can turn into major expensive problems down the road.

I want to list a few facts about why it is important for you to call Canady’s for your system clean and tune-up every year:

  1. Every year, your air conditioning system operates about 1,800 hours. If you drive your car at 60 miles per hour for 1,800 hours, you could drive from Savannah to Los Angeles, California 44 times every year!
  2. The average air conditioner circulates over 152 million cubic feet of air through your home every year. That’s enough air to fill the Empire State Building 4 times!
  3. Just like your car, your air conditioner has many moving parts that need to be cleaned and maintained in order to work efficiently and deliver clean air!

Hopefully, you’ve changed your mind about taking care of your HVAC system, and have read the facts. Our clean and tune-up agreement is a comprehensive tuning and cleaning of your entire system. Many times this service will pay for itself in energy savings alone! Call Canady’s today to set up your appointment or ask any questions that you may have.