Whether you are a homeowner or a renter, plumbing issues can be hard to identify and even harder to stop. Mold, damage, and higher water bills are just a few of the concerns that are associated with water leaks. The best way to minimize the impact of plumbing issues like water leaks is to regularly check your home. Here are our helpful tips to finding and repairing hidden water leaks.

Check Your Water Meter

If you know you have a leak or are trying to identify a potential leak, the first step is to check your water meter. To do this, you must make sure you are not using any water inside or outside – this includes a running washing machine, dishwasher, active sprinkler system and all faucets. Next, you will check your meter and take note of the current reading. Wait half an hour and check the meter again. If the number has changed, you have a leak.

Locating Your Leak

Not all leaks are as easy to detect as a dripping faucet. Toilets can be a common area for leaks and are oftentimes undetectable without proactively checking. To check if your toilet has a flapper valve leak, you can place a few drops of food coloring or water-soluble dye in your toilet tank. Wait at least 10 minutes without flushing your toilet before checking the bowl. If the water is dye-free and clear, then your flapper valve is working properly. You should also check to make sure the water in your toilet tank is at the right level, approximately half an inch below your overflow tube. If the water level is too high your toilet is endlessly pouring water into your overflow tube. Another common cause of a toilet leak is an improperly working flush handle. If your flush handle needs to be jiggled to stop your toilet from running, you may have a leak issue.

Determining Repair Needs

Some repairs are easy to identify, but that’s not always the case. Be aware that the visible damage from a leak may not be the only areas that need fixing. Consider any wiring, framing, or other structural areas that may have been affected by the excess water. Another common misconception is assuming the location of the damage is the source of the leak.

Call in the Professionals

From regular inspections to drain repair, the team at Canady’s is prepared to handle any plumbing request and are just a call away. To schedule an appointment or plumbing related consultation, complete our contact form today or call us at (912) 756-6688.