Hurricane Irma produced massive amounts of salt water flooding due to storm surge combines with a full moon tide. Salt water flooding can be especially harmful to your air condition and steps need to be taken to protect your family and your investment.

First and foremost, be safe!

Turn off your thermostat and breaker to your unit at the electrical panel. Do not get neat your air conditioner if it is in standing water. After the water has receded you may perform a visual inspection, but do not attempt to remove panels. An air conditioner that has been flooded can still be shorted and produce a fatal electrical shock. Water and electricity is never a good mix.

Do not attempt to clean the unit yourself. Wet components can be a conductor of electricity and even a control voltage shock combined with water can be fatal. Be patient, you may have to be uncomfortable for a few hours.

Most air conditioners today contain control boards and other components that may operate for the short term, but when exposed to water will begin to quickly corrode. Call a professional air conditioning service company. Components should be cleaned, lubricated, and washed to prevent future deterioration.

Call your insurance company. You may want to get an estimate to replace the components or in some cases the entire unit and include them in your insurance claim.