The seasonal transition from summer to fall is just around the corner here in Savannah, GA. When the cooler temperatures arrive, it will be time to turn off your air conditioners after a very long, hot summer. Our end-of-season AC maintenance tips will help protect your air conditioner over the winter months so that it’s ready to provide much-needed relief when the heat returns next spring.

Ongoing AC maintenance ensures long-term functionality and extends your unit’s lifespan. Investing time and money into both DIY and professional cleanings, tune-ups, and related services helps avoid breakdowns and preserves the validity of your warranty. In keeping up with seasonal AC maintenance, you are also safeguarding your home against potential leakage, mildew growth, and other problems that come with the turn of the seasons.

While it’s possible to take care of some end-of-season AC maintenance yourself, it’s wise to hire qualified, HVAC professionals to ensure optimal safety and efficiency. Our experienced HVAC technicians have expertise in the prevention and treatment of issues that may compromise the functionality of your AC.

AC Maintenance Tips

  • Clear area around unit: Remove unwanted debris that has collected during the warm, summer months to make it easier to clean, which, in turn, improves overall efficiency. Professional cleaning services will help eliminate fire hazards and remove leaves and other foliage that bugs like to hide among during the colder months.
  • Don’t cover the unit: In covering the unit, a vapor barrier is created which causes lingering moisture and rust-causing condensation. Instead, protect your unit from falling foliage and debris with a heavy piece of plywood held down by bricks.
  • Change the air filter: Switching to a new air filter during every seasonal transition allows for optimal performance and ongoing efficiency.
  • Schedule a professional cleaning, inspection, and tune-up: Qualified professionals will perform critical services that ensure a safe, healthy, and cost-effective seasonal transition for your HVAC system. Some standard end-of season services include checking, testing, and adjusting airflow, safety controls, electrical connections, and refrigerant levels, as well as calibrating your thermostat, and more.

Your End-of-Season AC Tune-Up

Here at Canady’s, our experienced professionals deliver services that will maximize your HVAC system and improve its long-term efficiency. Contact us today to learn more about our end-of-season AC maintenance tips or to schedule your AC tune-up.