Canady’s Free Furnace February campaign is just around the corner. First introduced in 2013, Free Furnace February has grown every year, and continues to be a tremendous success. I created the FFF campaign in order to keep our installers busy, and pay the bills during the slowest time of the year.

How It Works

In the air conditioning business in southeast Georgia, we have extremely short — and sometimes non-existent — winters, so an HVAC company must make money in the summer in order to survive the rest of the year. The old saying is true: “Make hay while the sun shines.” After summer, fall rolls around and work inevitably slows down. We can typically hold our own, as long as the temperature and humidity stay up.

During November and December, folks are concerned about the holidays and work slows down which eats up precious profit dollars that were held over from the summer. Normally, work picks up again in January due to a cold spell, and when folks start pre-planning for the upcoming summer. But, when February hits — t’s like the faucet is turned off!

Work slows down so much that we are left with practically nothing to do. There are only so many floors to sweep and trucks to wash. We can’t keep counting inventory over and over again. Most — if not all — of the profits earned during the previous summer are spent paying overhead bills during February and March. Typically, an HVAC business will work until May or June just to realize profit again, and then the cycle starts over, and it goes on year-after-year.

Well, several years ago, I decided to fix this problem in our business. If I could just keep my guys busy during the winter and hold on to profit dollars, I wouldn’t be stressed out for three months of the year wondering how I was going to keep the lights on. Additionally, we could invest more in training and growth.

Free Furnace February was the answer! Everyone wins! Customers win by getting a great value. Coworkers win by having consistent work and pay. The company wins by having enough revenue coming in to break even and pay the bills.

A few years ago, I realized we weren’t the only company suffering during the winter months. Our suppliers were also losing money. So, I asked them to participate with discounts and special finance offers, and we pass these savings onto our customers.

Today, Free Furnace February is a better value than ever before. Customers receive a Furnace or Air Handler absolutely free with the purchase of a home comfort system. Plus, we also offer $0 down, 0% interest financing for up to 60 months! Free Furnace February is the best time to invest in a new air conditioning and heating system. Contact us at (912) 756-6688 to learn more.