How Leaky Are Your Ducts?

How leaky is your duct system? Just a few years ago it was acceptable for a duct system to leak 15%. In fact it was designed into the system. Today, a lot more is known about the problems associated with leaky ducts. Most of the Indoor Air Quality problems we face today are due to leaky duct systems. Did you know that we no longer seal ducts with duct tape? Duct tape does not stand up to the hot attic temperatures and will disintegrate and fall off.

Check out these facts!

  1. An improperly sealed duct system will allow fiberglass insulation dust, rodent dander, pollen, mold spores and other allergens to mix with the air you breathe.
  2. A study by American Lung Association found that poor indoor air quality can cause chronic respiratory diseases such as Asthma and Pneumonia.
  3. An improperly sealed duct system will drive up your energy bills and make your system work harder!
  4. An air leak in the supply duct less than one inch in diameter leak enough air into your attics to cool a bedroom.
  5. A 15% leak in your return duct can reduce the efficiency of your system as much as 50%.